Curtain Magick
Curtain Magick
Introducing Curtain Magick - The Ultimate Mold-Busting Wonder!
Are stubborn mold stains ruining the beauty of your curtains, awnings, and blinds? Say goodbye to mold nightmares with Curtain Magick, your powerful ally in the battle against unsightly mold!
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What You Can Expect From Curtain Magick
Unleash the Magick - Banish Mold Instantly! 🌟
🌿 Experience the Power of Nature. Curtain Magick harnesses the natural forces of nature and man to combat mold growth effectively. Our New Zealand made advanced formula is tough on mold yet gentle on your delicate fabrics, ensuring a thorough clean without any damage. No Scrubbing Required.

Easy-Breezy Application

No more tedious scrubbing or strenuous cleaning sessions! With Curtain Magick's simple application process, you'll witness the mold vanish before your eyes, leaving your curtains, awnings, and blinds looking pristine again.

Rapid Results Guaranteed

Say goodbye to waiting around for days! Curtain Magick works like magick, delivering rapid results that will leave you amazed and your guests impressed.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly
We care for your well-being and the planet! Curtain Magick is formulated using eco-friendly ingredients, free from harsh chemicals, making it safe for both your home and Mother Earth.

Restore Your Home Elegance

Rediscover the true beauty of your curtains and blinds with Curtain Magick. Watch as it effortlessly erases mold stains, giving your space a fresh, inviting ambiance.




"This product is absolutely FANTASTIC. I used it on mold that has been on my curtain linings for years. Saved a $280 dry-cleaning bill."


"No harsh chemical smell and no hard rubbing or scrubbing. I’ve only needed to spray them once and literally saw the mold disappear before my eyes."

Some Common Myths About Mold:

“Mold is only a problem is older homes”

Mold can be an issue in homes of any age. Newer homes may also experience mold growth if there are construction defects, water leaks, or ventilation problems.

Mold only grows in warm climates”

Mold can grow in any climate with the right conditions of moisture and humidity. In fact, mold can even grow in cold climates on surfaces like insulated windows if there is enough condensation.

“You can remove mold with DIY remedies like vinegar and essential oils ”

While some natural remedies can be mildly effective on small, surface-level mold growth, they may not completely eliminate the underlying problem. For significant mold infestations, professional mold remediation is recommended.
Curtain Magick is the perfect solution for DIY mold removal.

“Mold only grows in poorly maintained homes”

Mold can grow in any home, regardless of cleanliness. It thrives in moist environments, so even well-maintained homes with high humidity levels or water leaks can be susceptible to mold growth.

Ready to embrace a mold-free, enchanting atmosphere at your home or office?

Don't wait another minute! Curtain Magick awaits, ready to weave its spell and restore your curtains, awnings, and blinds to their former glory.

Don't let mold run rampant! Curtain Magick tackles mold growth on various surfaces, including fabric curtains, vinyl blinds, and even awnings, ensuring a clean and healthy environment all-around.

Shop now and unleash the Magic of Curtain Magick. It's time to take action against mold!

Curtain Magick

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Curtain Magick?

Curtain Magick is a powerful cleaning solution designed to eradicate mold from curtains, canvas, awnings, and blinds with ease. Its unique formula harnesses the power of nature, providing rapid and impressive results.

Where Can I Get Curtain Magick?

You can easily get your hands on Curtain Magick by clicking the "Shop Now" button.  To keep our cost down we do not use retail stores.  You can only get Curtain Magick right here.

How Much Curtain Magick Will I Need?

2 litres of Curtain Magick will clean the curtains in an average 2 bedroom home. However coverage will depend on how much mold and how heavy the infestation is.  2 litres will generally be sufficeint to treat up to 4 curtains.

How Does Curtain Magick Work?  

Curtain Magick works by attacking mold at its root, breaking down the unsightly stains and leaving your curtains, awnings, and blinds looking pristine. Its gentle yet effective formula ensures no damage to your delicate color fast fabrics, when used as directed.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?  

With Curtain Magick's rapid-action formula, you'll witness impressive results in no time! Say goodbye to long waiting periods, and hello to a mold-free environment.

What About Old Mold?  

Curtain Magick can get rid of mold that is years old, but you may need to respray it a number of times to get rid of all heavy or longstanding infestations. Mold can take months, and in some cases years, to grow and spread. So while our product can get rid of mold in just minutes, you may need several applications.

Is Curtain Magick Safe to Use? 

Absolutely! We prioritize safety and sustainability, so Curtain Magick is crafted using eco-friendly ingredients, making it safe for both your home and the environment.

Where is Curtain Magick Made? 

Curtain Magick is crafted using eco-friendly ingredients in clean, green New Zealand using a secret formulation, designed to remove mould fast.

Is Curtain Magick Safe to Use on Both Sides of Curtains? 

Absolutely! But you need to make sure your curtains are color fast  by treating a small area first.  The backing on thermal curtains is always fine. Just the colored curtain fabric needs to be checked before applying the product liberally.